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Optimizing employee performance to advance business growth

Developing people is our focus, directly impacting business results through enhanced performance. Our multi-disciplined practice supports organizations of all sizes and the development of people across all levels.


Individual coaching, enhancing performance

From executives to high potential employees, coaching is an effective means to enhance performance and reach higher levels of leadership and organizational effectiveness. Coaching programs focus on improving key leadership competencies by creating awareness of a leader’s strengths, developmental areas, and a balanced view of leadership capabilities. Coaching is customized to the specific goals of a leader’s development and ties accountability to enhanced leadership presence and improved business results. Coaching programs are available for all levels of leadership, from emerging leaders to senior executives, and for those leaders who are under-performing in their role.

Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Accountability

Individual, Group and Enterprise Solutions
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Chalmers Brothers is a noted author, keynote speaker, leadership retreat facilitator, certified coach and seminar instructor.


Accountability is now synonymous with excellence, peak performance and exceptional results. Does your organization ‘get it’ and can you ‘get it done?’


Creating a Coaching Culture

Individual, Group, and Enterprise Solutions

Manager As Coach Learning Series

This premiere leadership development program is designed to build and sustain a coaching culture where employees are inspired, encouraged and rewarded. Leaders gain the ability to coach, build trust and conduct constructive conversations that develop and engage employees to drive organizational performance.

The program is relevant to leaders at every level in an organization and the progressive learning series begins with 2.5 days of instruction spread out over three months. Individual coaching and peer group coaching continue the learning beyond the classroom, resulting in significant and sustainable development of the leader’s coaching abilities.

“Organizations that effectively prepare managers to coach are 130% more likely to realize stronger business results and 33% better at engaging employees.”
High-Impact Performance Management: Maximizing Performance Coaching, Bersin & Associates, LLC, 2011

Building Capability

Leadership skills for stronger performance

Training Programs

Training programs enhance leadership capabilities that most frequently appear as developmental needs in existing and future leaders. Customized instructional design services are available to produce training programs which perfectly match your organization’s development needs.

Facilitation of training programs include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Working Together with DiSC
  • Communicating for Action and Results (Accountability content)
  • Leading Through Change (Allison?)

  • Developing the Brilliance
  • Taking the Funk out of Dysfunction:  Building an Effective Leadership Team
  • Do You Get It? AND Can You Get It Done?  The Path to Accountability
  • Brilliance & Accountability:  How to get both


Meet the Leadership Development team
Mike Milby

President & CEO

Beth Sweeney

Market President

Barbara Danforth

Senior Vice President

Jennifer Cohen

Senior Vice President, Leadership Development

Chalmers Small
Chalmers Brothers

Senior Consultant & Executive Coach Leadership Development

Morgan Small
Chuck Morgan

Executive Coach

Arkin Small
Alison Arkin

Senior Organizational Development Consultant

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